I Still have a lot to say

“Paul Santa-Donato has been in the business too long.”

Paul Santa-Donato has been in the business too long. From the ‘Big Hair’ days of the (70’s) to the less hair days of right now (actually he still has plenty of hair)…”

Paul Santa-Donato

Mark Bloom, the designer of this site, and my friend and collaborator for over 30 years, originally wrote that line as a tongue in cheek place holder. I decided to quote Mark here as I realize that the math on my career is, indeed, mounting. In March of 2017, I celebrated 40 years in Advertising. On July 25th, 2018, Santa Donato Studios will be 35 years old.

Is that “too long” to be in the business?

NAAH! In fact, the longer I do this, the better I seem to be getting at it in many ways. Just a couple of years ago I said to a close friend in the business, “I think I’m starting to get good at this.” The longer I do this, the more grateful I am for all the terrific people I have had the privilege to do business with and get to know over all these years. To this day, what gets me completely stoked are the personal interactions with both clients and artists. I consider working with all these talented individuals a gift. Now, of course, most of the interaction is remote. I terribly miss “being in the room where it happens,” yet this physical separation has not squelched my passion for empathically engaging with the people with whom I do business. It’s just changed the functional dynamics. That’s all.

And for what it’s worth, I still have a handful of local NY clients who ask to brief me in person, which I happily oblige. It’s astounding how much can be gained from people being all in the same room, looking at each other, when working collaboratively.

More on that in a future post.


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